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The Daniel Jones Motherfuck Everyone Revenge Tour Begins Today (His Words, Not Mine)

Okay those are my words since my little lamb Daniel doesn't have such a potty mouth. But I am sure he is thinking the very same thing today in the Music City. 

It's been quite a ride on The Danwagon over the last 3.5 years. We had the draft night boos, the preseason hype after some awesome plays, the gutting of Steven Cheah after his first regular season start and win.

An exciting yet frustrating rookie season filled with touchdowns, fumbles, and beating Washington to lose the Chase Young Bowl (which may be a blessing in disguise since the Giants ended up winning the Andrew Thomas Bowl). 

Then we have the dark times. The times of Jason Garrett.

I know a good chunk of Giants fans have moved on from Daniel Jones as their QB1. Granted a bunch of them moved on from him as their QB1 then jumped on the bandwagon after that rookie season where he threw for 24 touchdowns in 13 games. Nonetheless, I'm riding with The Danwagon until the wheels fall off, either figuratively or literally considering how many times DJ gets banged up. 

I'm even putting my money with my mouth is by responsibly betting The Danwagon bet this week on the Barstool Sportsbook with a safety net thanks to the Parlay + Match promo.

As for today's game, I think there is one very simple thing the Giants have to do. They must stop Derrick Henry. Okay, that's not going to happen. They must slow down Derrick Henry. Okay, that's probably not going to happen either. They must not get absolutely pimp slapped by Derrick Henry for 4 quarters.


Honestly I'm not sure if that's asking too much. But hopefully not having to face AJ Brown will allow Wink to give a little extra help up front since our two young stud edge rushers are hurt. I also can't believe the Giants have to face AJ Brown twice a year for God knows how long. Fucking Howie Roseman.

As for when the Giants are on offense, I am just going to believe in Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka being the antithesis of everything Jason Garrett was, thank Baby Jesus that Kadarius Toney is active, and get excited about Saquon being both healthy and motivated to look like rookie year Saquon when it seemed like 2000 scrimmage yards was going to be an annual right for Giants fans to witness.

Fuck it, Giants by a million. Or a hundred. Or one. I just wanna be above .500 for the first time since this cursed picture was taken.

I can't end a blog on that kind of note. Let's finish things by getting fired the fuck up from a time when everything didn't suck.


P.S. This game being a 4:25 PM is such a mindfuck, no matter how much I love that I can enjoy the 1:00 games.