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Frank The Tank Appeared On TV During The Mets Game Right As The Booth Started Talking About The Crybaby Mets Fans That Whine On Twitter Whenever Something Goes Wrong

Look at our boy Gary dropping an absolute nuke on the Tank. The night before Dolphins opening day no less!

Not only that but the SNY Mets account tweeted this out right after the home run by Eduardo Escobar, or as Frank calls him EZ Out Escobar.

What a fucking world we live in.

Despite the multimedia assault, shout out to our guy Tank getting some face time during a mudderfucking Mets game. I'm happy Frank appears to be having a good time, even though I know the Mets being up a million must kill him inside since he has been saying stuff like this in my DMs for months now. 

A smaller man would point out how many times #FrankWasWrong in this blog let alone throughout the season. However I'm a very large man, both literally and figuratively. So I'll let his DMs and lack of negative tweets about the Mets due to being wrong so many times do the talking.

Also if you are in Miami, watch out because The Units are about to take over the South Beach clubs more than anybody from Barstool ever has.