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This South Carolina Fan Somehow Keeping Her Composure And Not Yakking All Over The Stands Is The Highlight Of Their Season

We need to have an honest discussion about South Carolina. You see, they are reaching the stage where every preseason people start hyping them up. Beamer Ball! Spencer Rattler! I thoroughly enjoyed the Beamer Ball highlight reel they showed as South Carolina was down 19 in the 4th quarter and they already missed an XP and had a punt go 23 yards. Just like his old man!

All I heard this offseason was they are the team that could sneaky be 2nd best in the SEC East and a top-15 team. Then they go to Arkansas and look like shit. Don't let the empty stats fool you, they can't tackle, they can't really block and Rattler makes some terrible decisions. Basically same old/new South Carolina. 

That's why I'm calling it early. This girl is the highlight of their season. She's the one we should be talking about. Hey, we've all been there. Get after it a little too hard before an early kick it happens. Maybe you do the I'll just not sleep on Friday night and keep on drinking to keep it going. It's college. It's what you're supposed to do. She got after it - likely. 

But to not yak in that moment is Heisman worthy. That's a type of person who can show up in the moment when you need. A moment when you need a bullshit late drive to cover the spread. Instead Rattler took a safety and she went viral. But I salute you unknown South Carolina fan. You're what SEC football is about. Powering through and partying.