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Alabama Got Bailed Out of a Safety With the Weirdest Sequence in College Football Officiating History

I have no idea what we just watched.

In real time, it seemed quite obvious Texas had a safety to take a 12-10 lead. However, there was a flag thrown for "roughing the passer with targeting." The targeting was reviewed, but based on the way the penalties were announced, the roughing the passer penalty — which was flagrantly incorrect — should have stood regardless of whether the play was found to be targeting or not.

But when the refs came back on the field, they announced that both penalties were taken away because the play was described to them incorrectly. I'm pretty sure they just made something up because they saw what an egregious call they'd just made and had no idea what to do.

So after all that, it seemed like we had a safety again. But nope, they just ruled it an incomplete pass. Even when the refs had to undo the first cheating they did for Bama, they found a way to make it not that bad for them.

I still really have no clue how any of those calls were made or explained. We went from the worst call in the history of football to something which was somehow even more confusing.

At least Texas fans are getting a taste of what life is like in the SEC when you play against Alabama.