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Adrian Peterson Went From Being The Best RB In The NFL To Being On The Undercard Of A YouTuber Boxing Event

I actually can't believe this is a real thing. Adrian Peterson would be the number one pick in every fantasy draft back in the day. He was as must watch TV as it got on the field. Guy tore his ACL, then came back the next year and was better than ever. 

There was also another running back you would take 1st overall in fantasy leagues in more recent years and that was LeVeon Bell. You're probably wondering why I am talking about these two NFL running backs. Are they making a comeback to the football field with the first NFL Sunday of the year kicking off tomorrow? Nope they are on the undercard of a Youtube Boxing event. 

For you those of you who don't know, and I imagine there that's 95% of you, here is the card for tonight. 

What the fuck! Nick Young went from playing with LeBron to fighting Blueface. If you don't know, the main event Austin McBroom is the YouTuber who fought Bryce Hall. Then everyone who fought besides Bryce Hall did not get paid one cent and it was a huge fail as a whole. I am pretty sure there is a law suit happening right now still with that fight so it is wild to me that anyone would do this one as well. 

I feel like these events have been big bust after big bust unless your name is Jake Paul. Boxing fans don't care about any of these YouTuber fights and I feel like a lot of influencer fans don't really care either. I am more interested in both of these guys playing in the NFL again, not boxing. The reason why Jake Paul works is because he is actually trying to fight actual fighters and climbing up the latter, not just fighting other you-tubers. 

My biggest take away is Adrian Peterson has made over $100 million in his career but my little bit of research seems that he is broke and now this all makes a ton of sense. A lot of these athletes must just need the money because once you're done just hang it up let people remember you for the great player you were. Nate Robinson will always be remembered for getting knocked the fuck out by Jake Paul. I will say though I think Adrian Peterson is going to beat the living shit out of Bell.