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Tom Brady Celebrated His Last Super Bowl By Drinking Avocado Shots

This is making me more mad than it should this morning but this is so on brand for Tom Brady. You just won your 7th Super Bowl take a fucking shot of vodka. Maybe this is why him and Giselle are fighting- she wants him to grow a pair and eat a tomato or have a beer. To be this good of a QB at 40 something years old I guess you have to be some sort of a robot and keep your body like a well oiled machine, sure. And sure maybe thats why I was only a D3 baseball player and he's the greatest of all time, but I had fun at least. The whole point of accomplishments is to celebrate them. If I had to take avocado shots after winning the Super Bowl I would start to maybe think about throwing the game. 

Very off topic but LeSean McCoy saying this reminded me of how he won two straight Super Bowls without playing in either game. I am trying to comprehend all of this- are people popping champagne and Brady is dicing up avocados on the side by himself? Listen there is no denying he is the best QB to ever do it but this isn't about that. Doing avocado shots after winning the Super Bowl is the least cool thing ever. I'm all about keeping your body a temple because I know he is old and has to keep it in pristine condition but for the love of god live a little. I also just lied I know nothing about keeping your body a temple. I had McDonalds for lunch and Dinner on Thursday and it was glorious. 

I know people are joking about Brady and how he missed time this year at camp but I think this is a real concern. He had to miss two weeks of camp because of family problems and some people saying it is because how mad Giselle is that he is playing again. That is all speculation but that is a distraction for him and the team. That weighs on a person and I think the Bucs might be in trouble which only means watch out for the Panthers.