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CJ Cron Hit A Ball Waaaaaaay Out Of Coors Field And Is Officially The 2nd Longest Home Run Ever Tracked By Statcast At 504 Feet!

Are you kidding me CJ Cron? 504 feet?!!? Out of Coors Field? 2nd longest tracked home run ever? What a BOMB. 

Originally I saw the home run listed at 445 feet, which is a laughable measurement. If we're being honest I think it's closer to 604. This thing goes clear over that truck way out there and more. Legit out of the ballpark. And sure, the altitude in Colorado, whatever. This ball was going 504 feet whether Cron was above or below sea level. Maybe even in the sea. 

Look at how high the camera guy had to pan to find it. Cron probably has the quietest power in the Bigs. You don't think about him when it comes to the big boppers, but now you'll have to mention him after this blast. Hope they can get it back for him to take home when it eventually falls off the moon.