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MLB's Worst Player Aaron Hicks Drops a Fly Ball And Doesn't Realize It's Fair, Costing The Yankees Multiple Runs - Promptly Pulled From The Game

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

Aaron Hicks was given a gift in the recent weeks. Despite being statistically the worst player in Major League Baseball and playing himself out of consideration, he was allowed more time on the field due to a wave of injuries to better players. Tonight he got the start in left field during a massive game against the charging Tampa Bay Rays. In the bottom of 3rd with two men on Hicks struck out to end the threat. In the very next half inning he pulled this shit.

75% catch probability, of course he can't find it in him to make the play.  Also has to stare at the ground like a 6 year old with the ball just laying there. Yeah no rush Aaron, no worries man! Take your goddamn time

Back to back disaster plays to ruin the Yankees chances of being in this game. What a tremendous asshole. Shockingly Boone grew some balls and pulled Hicks from the game when he got to the dugout.  

Honestly if he stayed in who knows what the rowdy crowd had planned for him so that probably factored into his decision,

The next move should be to DFA him after the game. They won't because they need bodies and Cashman will look at the remaining years on Hicks' deal, but the fact is that this dude should not own a roster spot on this team. Tim Locastro, Miguel Andujar, Estevan Florial, hell even Derek Jeter who was in the building tonight should be out there over Hicks. What a fucking loser.