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Paddy The Baddy Says That America Has The Worst Breakfast And He Is Absolutely Correct

This is the most I have ever agreed with a take in my life. America has given up on its breakfast. Nobody is trying to come up with new things. 

Listen, our breakfast is really good but I do get tired of it. I think there should be specific jobs on how to make the menu better every single day. McDonald's has the syrup buns and not one other entity has tried to come up with their own. It it one of the most genius creations of all time, like the stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. Nobody could put cheese in a crust like Pizza Hut. Coach Prime knows what I mean.

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The point Paddy really hit on the head here is that they give you the option of Bacon or Sausage. These aren't big items at all. Why are we limiting our orders to either or? Everyone knows you want a little of both when you order. I go into ordering already stressed on which one I want to accompany my eggs. Bacon is always good but sausage is great dipped in the egg. I can't even decide just writing this blog. This should be a PSA to every breakfast spot to offer both or you can double up. I want the option to double up sausage or bacon as well. 

Another good point by Paddy was the shredded hash browns are shit. They really fucking are. Diners and breakfast spots just give up on them and home fries. They are so mushy now it would only be good to eat if you had no teeth. A McDonalds hash brown is elite and the best way to serve any type of hash brown. I also can't believe hash brown is two words. 

Regardless we need to step up our breakfast game. We have some of the best food in the world but our breakfast really does lack.