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Reggie Wayne Talks About Shoving Peyton Manning On The Sidelines After He Was Talking Shit

First of all I would have loved if social media was bigger back then because there would be so many of these stories out every week. Maybe it was better to play sports during those times because social media wasn't around since you could get away with a lot more stuff. If Stefon Diggs pushed Josh Allen that would set Buffalo up in flames, maybe even fans cunceling the season. This also just happens in sports all the time. If you don't get into a little scuffle with your teammates at some point your team probably just sucks. You fight and then talk it out and brings you even closer. Now all you do is sub tweet someone. then unfollow them, delete pictures on Instagram and boom its national news. 

Reggie Wayne telling this story is awesome though because the only stories you get about Peyton Manning is everyone sucking his dick and what a great leader he is. I love hearing this side because it makes me like Peyton even more as a player. He wasn't afraid to go at his best receiver and Reggie wasn't afraid to go back at Peyton. It wasn't even an ego thing he simply just didn't like what he had to say about him and he pushed him. Classic guy stuff. I would have loved to know the thoughts from the guys like Marvin Harrison or Jeff Saturday when they saw that because they couldn't have thought that was a good idea but they were stars so it is hard to handle all those egos on a team. I think Peyton was trying to show that he runs the team and he'll talk to anyone however he wants to, even if it is Reggie Wayne. But Reggie wasn't have it that day.