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Football Is Family: Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie Did His Sister's Gender Reveal For His Touchdown Celebration

I know everyone likes to shit on gender reveals because of all the ones that go poorly or are just lame. This? This is awesome though. Mostly because it's a touchdown and that helps, you know, the Bills. But finding out your having a boy by your brother screaming it while scoring in the NFL is as good as it gets. This is better than any cake, any balloon popping or any baseball swing. We've seen them all. This is the first time I can remember seeing a gender reveal involving a touchdown celebration in the NFL. Only way he could have one-upped it was spiking it and revealing blue. Lean all the way into it. 

I need to know what the backup plan was. What if he didn't score? What if the Rams defense didn't get cooked, especially Jalen Ramsey? I hope it was like after a 7-yard catch he'd announce it. Memorable to pick up that first down and announce she's having a boy. 

I also can't imagine being the sister here. You're sitting here sweating out if you're having a boy/girl. It SUCKS not knowing. You just want to know and start to getting ready fro either one. On top of that you have to watch your sibling play. You obviously want them to succeed and have a good game, but the gender reveal is on your mind.

 I don't know who started gender reveals but they are a pain in the ass man. All I know is good luck topping this one. 

I hope his sister is a Podfather: