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The Queen's Death Is About To Cause A War

The Queen's death brought DRAMA to the rundown when Little Loyalist Kelly confessed her undying devotion to the royal crown, and I had to be a rational human by bringing in historical facts. The Queen is such a massive figure in history and pop culture that everyone will remember where they were when she passed. I'll never forget I was in a Buffalo Wild Wings on June 25th, 2009 when the last iconic member of the royal family died - The King Of Pop : Michael Jackson. (Every royal family MUST have one family member with ties to sexual relations with underage kids.)  

Queen Elizabeth II is the second longest reigning monarch (1952-2022) to ever live, behind only King Louis the XIV of France (1643-1715). Louis the XIV was 5 when he took the throne, Elizabeth II became Queen at age 25, after already winning over Great Britain with her military service during WWII. Her first role in the war was strictly honorary until she turned 18 and insisted upon a real role in the Auxiliary Territorial Service repairing and driving ambulances. The fearless young Queen Kween was an inspiring figure for the country, especially in her younger years as a good contrast to the Old British Bulldog Churchill. Every family has their problems, especially the royal family. Time tarnished the family name with affairs and wild death conspiracies about Princess Dianna (which was a devastating tragedy of a young mom.)  

I understand the fact the queen ruled long enough for multiple generations of English people to grow attached, finding comfort in the royal figurehead, but I don't understand the devastation from "American Fans of the Royal Family." Not because of 1776, democracy, freedom, but because why would you care about an elite rich family that doesn't care about you? You are sad because these people threw parades, weddings, and are fancy? Has watching 2 seasons of Bridgerton got you so horned up you can't get enough royal family?

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The Queen was 96 years old when she passed! She's had like 5 health scares in the last year. Her husband JUST died, she was alone. My grandpa is 92 and it physically hurts his bones to sit and watch tv. I'm sure they had the queen hopped up on a cocktail of some of the best drugs in the world, but at age 96 no one was probably happier about to moving onto the afterlife than the Queen. 

The deep connection that makes people feel sad about someone who has done nothing for you except be rich and sit in a palace is strange. At least musicians and athletes perform. Still, my American friends who wake up and cheer for English Premiere league soccer at 7:00am, yeah it's a fun hobby but do you REALLY care that much? What memories do you actually have with this team? Were you in a pizza review with players of the team?

Since the Queen doesn't do pizza reviews, I struggle to figure out where the undying devotion comes from in Americans. The USA has had a similar love with the Kennedy's. A family with a sketchy past, but because JFK was rich, handsome, and hip, the whole country wanted to know what silverware First Lady Jackie-O used to decorate the white house dining table. It's still not a clean comparison because JFK wasn't born president and with a statement that would make the $20 Chef cream his pants, JFK did earn it. BUT this is still the closest thing we have to a royal family without bringing up the Kardashians (who still have least EARNED IT.)

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I'm not dancing on an old lady's grave. I wouldn't even go to the funeral. I'd read about her death in the obituaries, say oh wow the queen passed away, and then flip to the comics. RIPIP to an iconic figure.