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Unreal Video of Machine Gunner RIPPING Waves of .50cal Rounds And AT-4 Rocket Launchers Into A Russian-Controlled Ukrainian Area

Crazy video that shows a few things:

1. Trigger pullers HATE having to wait for extra rounds. The whole time- even in those just a few seconds- that he was waiting for more bullets I just kept saying "get it up. Get it up" to myself over and over. Those little pauses can feel like an absolute eternity in the moment. The gunner remains pretty calm and starts firing off rockets. You want that machine gun roaring so that you have a little more freedom to move. People aren't putting their heads from behind walls, roofs, and buildings while a .50cal is firing. You keep all your arms and legs tucked inside the vehicle. 

2. The driver was just sitting there for a long while. The gunner is doing his best and the driver, A-Gunner are just leaving him high and dry in the turret  

3. I'm very glad that my job here won't have me doing stuff like that again but it does allow me to pick would-be troops like Kyler Murray in the NFL Draft of a Fireteam which may be the most accurate pick of all time.