One Positive to Come Out of the Queen Dying: Kayne West Has Decided to Squash All His Beefs

Stuart C. Wilson. Getty Images.

When the longest-reigning monarch of the world's last great empire passes away, it's going to generate a broad spectrum of reactions. From the most reverent:


To the polar opposite of that, from a professor at Carnegie Mellon:

To snarky metaphors from my ancestral homeland:

To funny ones that are spot on:

To my personal favorite:


And if I have to explain the joke, I truly feel sad for you. But here it is:

But if there was one reaction I don't think anyone saw coming, it was this one:

TMZ - Kanye West is having an apparent change of heart in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death, apparently deciding to stop his aggressions toward his most recent enemies … extending an olive branch to Kid Cudi, Adidas Senior Vice President/General Manager Daniel Cherry and Kim Kardashian's ex Pete Davidson.

I will grant you this: The whole dynamic between Kanye and any of these people is a bit of a celebrity blind spot for me. Yes, I'm aware there's been a lot of gas between him and Pete Davidson. But it's my personal policy to avoid all Kardashian and Kardashian-adjacent content. It has served me well, and never have I felt like I'm missing out. 

That said, I know enough about Kanye to realize that no matter what news breaks around the world, we can always count on him to deliver the most bizarre take. Famous death, economic collapse, social upheaval, natural disaster, anything. The next time there's a current events story that is on everyone's lips, I'm going directly to his 'Gram to get his perspective. Because the one thing in the world that is predictable is his unpredictability. 

And good on him for taking the news of this historic, influential figure and turning it into a positive. Life handed Kanye the death of Lilibet, and he turned it into lemonade. The Queen who once counseled Winston Churchill and just met with Great Britain's new Prime Minister, who served in the military and presided over her country through several wars, now gets to make peace, even in death. If her untimely passing at the tender age of 96 can inspire Kanye to cease saying bad things about other famous people on social media, she will not have died in vain. And I believe that somewhere she is looking down upon us this day and saying, "I only regret that I had but one life to give to Kanye West to release all his grudges." 

RIP, Your Majesty. On this matter, you've truly served your subjects well.