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This Wheelchair Double Backflip 360 Might Just Be The Most Rad Trick Ever Landed

Holy shit that ruled so hard. 

Tony Hawk landing the first 900 on a skateboard. Travis Pastrana landing the first double backflip in MotoX. And Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham landing this double backflip 360 in a wheelchair. All moments that have catapulted extreme sports into a new era of insanity. Just a bunch of sick bastards with reckless regard for their own well-being, and an obsession to send it as hard as they possibly can. 

I have no idea how that was even possible. But all I do know is that we need a new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game to come out right away and we need Aaron Wheelz to be a character. Because this dude RIPS. 

Even the ones he doesn't stomp, he just goes for it. 

"You hit so hard I thought you were gonna start walking". 

Wheelz. What a legend.