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Quarterback Grit: Josh Allen Was Apparently Laughing Like A Maniac Every Time He Got Hit Last Night

Goddamnit, this is perfect for Josh Allen. I know people like to make a big deal about him running and needing to throw away the ball more or whatever. Good luck with that after hearing about Josh Allen laughing like a crazy person every time he got hit. Then again, I'd laugh too if I was capable of this: 

What a stiff arm. 

This just solidifies the fact even more Josh Allen is perfect for Buffalo. There are certain players/coaches that fit with a city or a franchise and Allen is one. Like Dan Campbell with Detroit. Things like that you know. Josh Allen being the quarterback who stiff arms dudes and laughs his ass off when *this* man is lining up against you is perfect for Buffalo:

Winning helps too. Actually that's the main thing here. You're not laughing if you're losing. Josh Allen is tall. Josh Allen will laugh in your face.