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True Sign The NFL Is Back: LeSean McCoy Watching This Hilariously Awful Street Fight Between Rams And Bills Fans

Ahh there it is. Football wasn't officially back until there was a fight between fans. It's how we know the NFL season is here. It's how we know we have 12 hours to look forward to on every Sunday. But what I didn't expect the twist with LeSean McCoy being the one who was narrating it. I did not expect to see him sitting there talking about how awful the fight is. 

Frankly, I love it. Give me random NFL players showing up at every street fight between fans and breaking down what's going on. A bunch of swing and misses. Cam Akers jersey guy not being remotely dazed after getting hit. It's the perfect fan fight. I can only imagine what started the fight. Probably a scoreboard vs ringz discussion if I had to guess. It's always something stupid like that. 

My favorite move though? The giddy up by the man in the black Rams jersey. Gotta get that little burst of energy before swinging and missing: 


Man had NO chance of landing a punch. Tough go for him after the giddy up move. He gets boxed out and then tackled while trying to punch. Can't go 0-for-3. The biggest win though was his pants staying on. Thought for sure we were going to get a big man pants fall down. You know the look. 

I need more random guys than LeSean McCoy though. Can we get like Jeff Hostetler narrating a fight? Preferably with his impeccable mustache. 

Focus On Sport. Getty Images.

That cop probably had the easiest fight breakup of all time.