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The Rams Have The Most Pathetic And Embarrassing Fans In The NFL

This isn't even sad. It's pathetic. I know Bills Mafia travels. I know they are one of the most diehard fanbases in the sport. But, what are we doing here? This isn't new. This is a standard story when it comes to the Rams playing at home. 

Now your team is coming off a Super Bowl win. They bring back all the big names. They re-sign all these big names. You get Aaron Donald back. And for what? A silent count at home? Come on. Have some respect. Have some ability to stand your ground and not let opposing fans - especially from the other side of the country - take over your stadium. 

You know the only other place I've seen this happen? Vanderbilt. It doesn't matter who they play in football that stadium in Nashville is a home game for the away team. Shit, I saw that first-hand with a slightly above average Kentucky team in the mid-2000s. You know what Vanderbilt doesn't do? Win. That's what makes this even more embarrassing for Rams fans. You have a winning team. 

And I know. I know. It's LA. It's California, this is what fans there do. There are too many people to make that excuse when it comes to teams there. Do something to figure it out because it's pathetic.