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5 Years Ago Jaylen Ramsey Called Josh Allen Trash, Last Night He Was Completely Dusted By Josh Allen



We've all been there. We've all had opinions blow up in our faces. That's the beauty of everyone in the world having a platform- you can put anything out there and there's hardly any consequences. That's sort of why I hate OldTakesExposed- even though he does it mostly as a joke, people on the internet take it SUPER seriously. Like, what are you supposed to do, be 100% correct about all of your guesses and opinions? Sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong, it happens. 

But fortunately for 99.99999% of us when we are wrong, we don't have to get lit the fuck up by the guy we were wrong about, which happened to Jalen Ramsey last night:



OOF. Now obviously he expected safety help on that particular play, but still, OOF. Josh Allen has become one of the top QBs in the league, far surpassing most people's expectations and predictions for him. And if I'm Josh Allen, I'm not humble about it at all. Ramsey talked shit and deserves to eat crow now. 

The solution? If I'm Jalen I send him an autographed picture of a burnt piece of toast as a way to make amends. It's always great when people don't take this shit too seriously. When you're wrong you're wrong, but you've got to wear it.