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Sean McVay Explained Cam Akers Lack Of Usage Vs. The Bills To A Legion Of Pissed Off Fantasy Football Managers

Ashley Landis. Shutterstock Images.

Last July, Cam Akers tore his achilles in training camp. It was a devastating injury that typically wipes a player out for a full year. But with the Rams making a Super Bowl push, Akers returned in January just in time for their playoff run. He was not very effective carrying the ball 67 times for 172 yards (2.6 YPC) and didn't score any TDs. 

Word on the street going into this year is you'd want the guy who has a potential bell cow role carved out for him tied to an explosive offense. A lot of that turned out not to be true on Thursday night:

- The Rams Offense was not explosive 

- Cam Akers was far from a bell cow back.

Akers was not listed on the injury report. In fact, Akers was even very optimistic when asked earlier this week about his availability for Thursday Night's game vs. Buffalo:

"I know I'm healthy. Everybody else will just get to see (Thursday). I'm not trying to go show anybody that I'm healthy. I'm just going to play my game." - Cam Akers, via Gilbert Manzano of The Orange County Register.

However, Akers not only didn't start the game, he didn't even see the field in the 1st Quarter! How is that possible? The depth chart that got released this week said he was atop it at RB and he was not listed on the injury report. Was Sean McVay playing his buddy from home in fantasy who had Akers and it was his big money league? What was the reason for this fantasy blindside on night one of the season??

The internet was set ablaze by this stunning turn of events:

Akers finally got in the game in the 2nd Quarter and finished with 3 carries for 0 yards. Just a horrific performance. 


McVay was asked about it in his post game presser:

The man is just lying to our faces! The game was 10-10 at halftime! They got the 2nd half kickoff. He wasn't out there! Sean McVay has some explaining to do and there better be an apology in it!

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