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Fighting The War Against Invasive Lantern Flies

If you didn't know, a foreign adversary is currently invading the eastern seaboard, and I have joined the #stompteam in the war against the insurgency. We have just received military aid from the government, and now we have insane big guns. 

In the war against the Lantern flies, we are better armed than the Russians in Ukraine. Thanks to Bugasalt, I am fucking locked and loaded. 

They sent laser sights so I can aikido these Lantern bug fools. There are so many goddamn many of these things in my backyard. It was time to go on a total assault. 

I went John Wick so hard in my backyard I was kinda tweaking a neighbor would call the cops. 

I know this might be a little graphic, but those Lantern Fly fuckers really suck. There are hundreds of them on those trees. Those salt shots just tear apart all the bugs. I'll tell yeah, the U.S government is begging you to go buy one of those Bug Asalt guns and just light these guys up.