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The NFL Honoring Queen Elizabeth During Bills-Rams Is Classic Roger Goodell Furthering His Anti-America Agenda

You knew damn well when Queen Elizabeth died that Roger Goodell would use this as a perfect opportunity to shit down the throats of Americans, as he's done so many times before. NFL Opening Night is supposed to be right up there with the Fourth of July as one of the most patriotic days on the calendar and we're going to open it up with a moment of silence for the great-great-great-granddaughter of the tyrant who we fought a war against for a little thing called freedom. Not to say Queen Elizabeth doesn't deserve respect — RIPIP — but I don't need it forced upon me during Bills-Rams.

I would expect Premier League "football" to postpone some games this weekend and have moments of silence when they return because Elizabeth was the queen of the country where they play that sport. Over here in the United States of America, however, real football should be about as affected by the British royal family as Stefon Diggs is by man coverage — see, Lizzy wouldn't have even gotten that joke.

If anyone needs me at 8:15 ET tonight, I'll be in my apartment doing the loudest "USA" chant anyone has ever heard.