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Turkey Won't Stop Crying About EuroBasket - Coach Now Complaining They Are Being Sabotaged By Having To Play France At Noon

[Source] - “The start time of the game against France in Berlin is very disrespectful toward us,” the head coach of the Turkey senior national team told Turkish news agency DHA, “The goal is to prevent our supporters from filling the arena so early. However, I still believe Turkish fans living in Germany will make sacrifices and pack the stands with flags, even in this inappropriate start time.”

“Considering what we went through during the tournament and the general attitude toward us, I see ulterior motives, not mistakes,” added Ataman referring to the officiating in games of his side in the preliminary round and specifically a technical foul on Furkan Korkmaz late in the Group A Gameday 5 fixture opposite Spain.

Wah. Wah. Wah. That's all I hear out of Turkey during EuroBasket. It all started with this story about Furkan Korkmaz: 

And now we have sabotage claims because *gasp* they have to play early. Hey pal, last time I checked France has to play at the same time. Maybe don't finish 2nd in your group and you can complain. You lost to Spain and Georgia. That cost you winning the group. I don't ever feel bad for losers who cry. It's also not sabotage. Oh no, not all your fans have to show up. Guess what? If they truly are fans, they'll be there. 

I've actually flipped while thinking about this. I WANT there to be sabotage. I want EuroBasket officials to go out of their way to screw Turkey. I can't take the complaining and whining. EuroBasket is actually entertaining. I keep saying it, but it's a great thing to have on during the weekday. You get to watch Giannis, Jokic, Luka, a bunch of other NBA guys, a bunch of 'oh shit, I remember him from college' guys. There are good games. Don't let it get ruined because Turkey won't stop crying. 

Oh and is it sabotage when France is -8.5 on the Barstool Sportsbook? I don't think so.