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Queen Elizabeth II Has Passed Away At Age 96

If you are someone who doesn't care about this, I don't want your opinion. This woman has been through hell and back during her reign, and stayed fabulous throughout. This article by Vanity Fair, which was obviously written far in advance, is an excellent read about her life. 

Nicknamed “the Steadfast” by her biographer Douglas Hurd, the queen dutifully served her country and territories for 70 years. For many in Britain, Elizabeth II was the only living monarch they had ever known—providing a serene and reassuring presence during times of national upheaval and change. During her reign, the queen navigated the decline of the British Empire and delicately modernized the monarchy to fit contemporary culture—updating royal traditions, opening Buckingham Palace to the public, and breaking with legal precedents to voluntarily pay income tax. Shortly before her death, the queen welcomed Liz Truss, the UK’s new prime minister to her Balmoral estate. During their meeting the monarch formally asked Truss to form a new government following Boris Johnson’s resignation two months prior. Unwaveringly dedicated, Queen Elizabeth maintained a busy social schedule through her ninth decade, fulfilling 341 engagements at 89 years old. Sir Kenneth Scott, who served the queen for three decades, described the queen’s unrelenting schedule for Vanity Fair, writing, “her long experience in the job has helped her to deal with every kind of situation with calm efficiency.”

Whether you care or not, have a strong political opinion on monarchies, you're an asshole if you don't respect the fact that this woman was thrown into a situation at a young age, where she had to rule for the rest of her life. Sure, in recent days the Monarchy doesn't do much with the day to day, but that was NOT always the case. She deserves respect, she deserves all of the pomp and circumstance in the world. and she will be missed. God Save The Queen.