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Business 101: Bobby Wagner's Texting Style Made The Rams Investigate If They Were Actually Talking To A Real Person During Negotiations

[Source] - The sender claimed to be Bobby Wagner. A six-time All-Pro linebacker recently released by the Seattle Seahawks, Wagner told Snead that he was representing himself as his own agent in his search of a new team. If Snead was interested, here was his contact information.

“I think he signed off as Bwagz,” Snead said, “and I’m like, ‘OK, is this real?’ ”

Snead was not alone. Wagner sent the message to general managers and executives throughout the NFL.

“Everybody thought it was a fake,” Wagner said.

Snead and Rams brass did their due diligence: It was Wagner.

I actually need to talk about this from the Bobby side. I say this as an adult who still has people call them Bobby and/or a nickname. I never will introduce myself as BReagz though. That's a promise. That's a guarantee even. And yes, I understand people will make fun of us Bobby's for still being a Y-name in our 30s. Blame our parents. I can't cause confusion when my old man already called dibs on Bob. You can't change your name after a certain age when people are used to it. Again, that's a society rule. 

But Bobby Wagner decided to represent himself this offseason. It's a different sort of negotiation for both sides obviously, but you have to call yourself Bobby Wagner. You can't go by Bwagz until you have a contract, pretty sure that's a rule in the CBA. 

This also brings up the age old debate of texting vs phone calls. I'm pro-text. I want shit documented because I might forget something. I need to know what time to be somewhere? Text me with that and the place so I know it's right there. The blame falls on me then. However, if it's to make a quick decision? Call me. That's the old man in me and the person who grew up in the 90s fearing calling someone and having their dad pick up. We all have cell phones now, my father-in-law isn't picking up the phone if I have to call to ask my wife what's for dinner or something stupid like that. 

Good news is you ended up landing Bobby Wagner. Guy with a ho-hum 170 tackles last year. Coming off a 2nd Team All-Pro, which ended a streak of 5 First Team All-Pros. Not a bad guy to land, even for $65 million. I'd make sure I was using my full name if someone was going to pay me $65 million. 

Signing off a text message though? That's old man move. That has me a *a little* worried about Bwagz being past his prime. If I find out he leaves the time and phone number when he leaves a voicemail the Rams may need to cut him.