Browns CB Greg Newsome Tells The Truth About Baker Mayfield Being A Good Teammate

This confirms everything that Baker is a good guy and great teammate. It is also sad because you can tell he has to feel weird even saying that he hung out with him. It almost looked like it was a relief to say how he actually feels about him because it was the "cool" narrative to not like Baker. I can relate very much but thats besides the point. 

The way he was raising his arms at the end to me it implied that there was some weird shit going on with the higher ups and it has just left me completely confused. At one point I thought he was going to go back on him saying he was a good guy.I want a full breakdown on what happened inside the organization because to me it seems like someone needed to go and the easy option was to trade Baker. If it was that big distraction and Baker still played that well what do you think he is going to do this season. I am all about his second chance because he didn't get a fair shake nor did anyone in that organization because the higher ups are a mess. 

All this seems very weird for the players. They know who signs their paychecks and they also want it to be known Baker isn't as bad as a guy as everyone thinks. The Carolina Panthers will revive Baker and he will be bringing them to the playoffs. This isn't a shtick either. I have spent over $300 on Baker Mayfield merch because I really believe he is going to take this team to the promise land. They weren't that bad with Sam Darnold, so imagine what they will be like with a better quarterback.