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This Edmundo Sosa Tag Needs To Be The New MLB Logo Immediately

Has anybody heard from Keith Hernandez recently? Can we please get a wellness check on Keith Hernandez? Because if we're talking about defense, it doesn't get much sexier than this. 

Mama Mia that's a spicy tag. 

The thing is that I stopped playing baseball after 3rd grade. I knew I wanted to play real sports growing up. So I may not understand the fine intricacies and fundamentals of defense in baseball. I don't know if leaping through the air to catch a ball while a runner is sliding directly at you and then proceeding to reach down between your legs to make the tag while you're still gliding through the air is considered "fundamental". What I do know it can be considered as, however, is bad frickin' ass. Give me more plays like that in baseball and maybe it'll actually be an enjoyable product to watch on TV. A guy who can make plays like that in the field AND is developing a dangerous addiction to smashing dingers?

It's been long overdue for the MLB to undergo a branding change. Make this man this logo. 

P.S. - Fucking hate this guy.