Dumbest World Cup Ever Continues - Qatar Warns People About Sneaking Alcohol Into The Country, Confirms Terrible Drinking Rules

[Source] - Fans travelling to the 2022 World Cup will not be able to take alcohol for personal consumption into Qatar, with the head of the country's safety and security committee saying that "specific measures" are in place to take action against anyone attempting to smuggle liquor in their luggage.

Although alcohol is strictly restricted in Qatar -- drinking in public can lead to fines of up to 3,000 riyal (£720) or prison sentences up to six months -- it can be purchased inside hotels, and the supreme committee in charge of the tournament has agreed to make beer -- provided by World Cup sponsor Budweiser -- available at stadiums and in fan zones during the World Cup, which begins on Nov. 20.

I've said it before. The world has said it before. We'll keep saying it. Qatar having this year's World Cup is the dumbest thing ever. I mean, yeah, we know how corrupt FIFA is, but that doesn't stop it from being dumb. There's been a ton of focus on the timing - November - or how the stadiums are being built at the cost of human lives. It's all so stupid. But now we have the confirmed drinking rules.

[Source] - FIFA said Saturday that Budweiser with alcohol will be sold “within the stadium perimeter prior to kickoff and after the final whistle.”

“Inside the stadium bowl ticket holders will have access to non-alcoholic Budweiser Zero,” soccer’s world body said. “At the FIFA Fan Festival, Budweiser will be available to purchase from 6.30 p.m.”

Phew. At least you'll be able to get non-alcoholic beer inside the stadium bowl! That's exactly what soccer fans want at the World Cup. It's exactly why we get all the viral videos of fans going crazy. Non-alcoholic beer. I know it's not uncommon for international stadiums to have something similar to this, but we're talking the World Cup here. You have people from all across the world coming to watch their country play. 


That's before we even get into the fact you can purchase beer at the FIFA Fan Festival, but not until 6:30. It's like they don't even appreciate a good day drinking session. 6:30? How late do they want me to stay up - not that I'm going to Qatar. 

This just makes me all the more upset about the US not winning the bid for this year's World Cup. We would have had it in the summer like it's supposed to be. We'd have beer, the American way. We'd be celebrating the USMNT winning a World Cup already. I'd be laughing harder at Chelsea and Christian Pulisic. So yeah, dumbest World Cup ever.