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Trouble In The Metaverse: The Facebook Gaming App Will Be Permanently Shutting Down On October 28th

This game as a big surprise when the news broke this week. The Facebook Gaming app will be shutting down on October 28th. Now, Facebook Gaming will still exist on the normal Facebook app or on Facebook's website, but the investment they're putting into their streaming platform will not be as substantial.

I was really surprised because of how invested Facebook (or Meta, whatever the fuck the company goes by now) is in the future of gaming. Zuckerberg was recently on a JRE episode and he continuously talked about all the improvement they're making in VR and AR (augmented reality). It all starts with gaming, then it'll be moving into the real world which is both cool...and scary at the same time.

The Oculus is still one of the coolest gaming consoles or ways to consuming gaming that's out there. Even though the graphics suck ass, you truly do feel like you're fully immersed in the virtual world.

So now YouTube and Twitch will be facing somewhat less competition in the space.

In other big gaming news, Swagg announced that he will be streaming exclusively on YouTube.

 YouTube continues to make massive investments in building out their live streaming audience. They aren't there yet, but I do believe they'll surpass Twitch as the best online streaming platform. We're probably 3-5 years away from this time but it's fun watching YouTube gaming evolve.