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Someone Recreated Andy's Bedroom From Toy Store In Halo Infinite's Forge Mode And It Is Incredible

You gotta respect the fuck outta this dedication and creativity!

Someone made Andy's bedroom from Toy Story in Halo Infinite's forge mode. Forge mode is the life blood of Halo. Think of it as your own sandbox where you can truly create anything and everything. Hell, you can even become an action-figured sized character in Andy's bedroom for crying out loud.

Forge has the potential to revitalize Halo Infinite to a degree, but 343 Industries completely dropped the ball with Infinite. They had the entire gaming world at their fingertips with a surprise release, ranked mode/esports at release and an amped up gaming community longing for someone more than Warzone. However, when the game dropped it got boring FAST. There was never any content updates and really no reason to continue to play one of the greatest franchises of all time. 

From what I'm reading, Forge mode is scheduled to release to the public on November 8th. Who the fuck knows if that's actually true. But when Forge finally comes, it'll make for some decent content which the gaming world needs right now.