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IT HAPPENED: After Teasing Us For Days, Tyler Childers Released His New Single And It's Exactly What Fall Needed

And the first single: 

SOUND THE FUCKING ALARMS! I blogged it a couple weeks ago but Tyler Childers started teasing us with some new music after almost 2 years since his last album: 

That didn't stop him from keep teasing us. Pretty rude, Tyler. But unlike that stripped you actually cared about us. You actually gave us music. 

I love it. This is what fall needed. Fall isn't playing 90s jams or anything super upbeat. Fall is going triple fingers on a bourbon and getting a little sad. You might be sad because of football. But you'll for sure be sad after listening to some of Tyler or any other of the outlaw type country we're getting. Shit, look at the name of the album.

Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven? 

Answer is simple. We fucking better. You don't think I'm taking my dude Oakley to heaven with me? 


I can already tell I'm going to listen to this album and potentially cry about a dog. That's an appropriate cry by the way. But just listening to 'Angel Band' already gives you a feel. There were rumors it'd be a gospel album. It's not like it'd be that far out thinking. A ton of Tyler's music is 'gospel'-esque. Whether it's the name of albums, songs or what he's singing about. 

Here's what we know so far about the album: 

[Source] - Tyler Childers and his band The Food Stamps have announced a new album, Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?, due September 30 via Hickman Holler Records/RCA Records (pre-order). It's broken up into three parts -- Hallelujah, Jubilee and Joyful Noise -- and each part presents the same eight songs in a different fashion. The Hallelujah version features Tyler and his core band playing live in a single room; the Jubilee version brings in strings, horns, backing vocals, dulcimer, mbira, sitar, and more; and details about the Joyful Noise version won't be revealed until release day. 

And now Angel Band (Hallelujah Version)

The weather's turning. Football is on tonight. Now we got Tyler Childers. It's fall. Break out the flannel, change your drink order and sit back and listen to this.