MJF Unleashed An Incredible Promo (Again), This Time Wiping His Ass With A Josh Allen Jersey In Buffalo

I can't say anything really new about MJF here. He's elite with the mic in his hand. Last night was no different. It was his first Dynamite in months after showing up at Sunday's PPV. He didn't disappoint. In fact he cut an incredible promo, because that's what MJF does. Starts with the mocking of everything: 

Incredible. Part of me would love to see MJF cut more of these babyface promos because I couldn't stop laughing. It's obviously what he's known for or anything like that. But going into Buffalo, wearing the Allen jersey and doing the whole pro-AEW thing was perfect, especially with everything going on: 

[Source] - CM Punk spoke at the post-match press conference and took a flamethrower to the AEW locker room, laying into fellow wrestlers, specifically Hangman Page, the company’s executive vice presidents—who are Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks’ Matt and Nick Jackson—as well as Colt Cabana. The focus of the press conference should have been on the stunning return of MJF, but that major plot line became nearly nonexistent as Punk went entirely off-script in his critiques.

Once Punk exited the press room, he exchanged words in a locker room with Omega and the Bucks, which led to a physical altercation. Punishment for that backstage fight, Sports Illustrated has learned, will include suspensions for every person involved. The list of those receiving suspensions includes Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson, Pat Buck, Christopher Daniels, Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler. Multiple sources have shared that Punk and Ace Steel will either be among those suspended, or will no longer be with the company by the end of Wednesday.

Wrestling is real! Vindication! Vindication especially for this guy

But back to MJF, we saw why he's elite. The moment Mox came out and everything changed: 


Lard-asses (or is it lardasses) is such a great insult. Need to utilize that one more. But what really got me going was the ass wipe move: 

Amazing all the way around. The heel turn (again). The full on promo teasing a move to WWE. Making fun of everything and being the anti-AEW. It's why he's so damn good at this. 

At the same time Mox followed with a hell of a promo himself too. Arguably the best one he ever delivered: 

I love being back in wrestling. There's something that just always entertains me. 

PS: Tony, put a goddamn belt on OC already.