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What Happens When You Get Your Tubes Tied? Inquiring Minds Want To Know

I went on The Rundown with my pals yesterday in Chicago and we talked about a smorgasbord of topics. It included everyday conversation pieces with your boys covering everything from the Brazilian porn scene in reference to saving the rain forest, own goals, facials, Dan Campbell’s brilliance/machismo, White Sox Dave’s grandma possibly banging Bob Feller and Dave being his long lost grandson (with a cannon arm), tumors, missed periods, and Vida Blue!

Amongst all of those blazing hot topics though there was one that stood out that I wish we had longer to discuss…

What the fuck happens in vasectomies? Where does all your cum go? And how do they reverse them when you change your mind?

Giphy Images.

As I mentioned in the discussion, these are both burning questions I’ve had for a long time that I’ve kept hidden, afraid to so much as ask google for the answer because I don’t think my brain nor stomach could handle it.

When you have a guy like White Sox Dave flanking you port side though, you’re able to muster up the courage. Which is exactly what I did.

Chief attempted to call his friend, a medically trained urologist, to help us get to the bottom of it. But sadly, he didn’t pick up.

Since we couldn’t get the answer from a trusted medical professional, I figured I’d turn to the next best place filled with people you can always trust: The comment section.

So help us out here.

P.s. - Dave dropping the term “vas defrenes” has to be the first time that’s ever been used on any barstool related content ever right?

P.p.s.- yikes do I say the F word far too much and need my mouth washed out with soap.

P.p.p.s.- wild claim by Carl calling Malcolm a friend of mine. I’ve never even met him in person yet. 

Editor's Note: A bunch of these questions were answered by one of our devilishly handsome bloggers in both written and podcast form


Shout out to anyone that is getting snipped today or tomorrow so they are on doctor's orders to sit on the couch all weekend with both college football and NFL football cooking.