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Hard Knocks May Be Over, But The Bucs Version Is Even Better

Several years ago, the Buccaneers were the Hard Knocks team. Under then Head Coach Dirk Koetter and young QB Jameis Winston, it was an interesting look into my favorite team.

But with Hard Knocks having moved on to different teams, some fans were still yearning for that type of coverage. A few years ago, the Buccaneers created a behind the scenes, Hard Knocks-style web series called In The Current. Typically it would come out weekly after the season and be a cool recap of the year that had just wrapped up. But this year is different. They'll be bringing it back this year but during the season which will be awesome. Shot and edited by the Bucs very talented Director of Production, Stephen Lynch and his team, this series is must watch for any Bucs fan or any fan looking to get a better look into one of the most polarizing teams in the league. The first episode will drop after Week 3 and peel back the surface of the first two games. The series will then proceed every third week throughout the season.

Some of my favorite moments from last season's version were the Tom Brady game winning TD pass in overtime vs. the Bills.

And the behind the scenes prep for Brady's return to New England.

The team had an off-season version of the show this year called Below The Surface which was a fascinating look into the Front Office and Coaching Operation during the off-season. It started with The Combine and rumors of Tom Brady's potential return. I'd urge any Bucs fan to get caught up on it to get ready for the season.