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Craig Kimbrel's New Entrance Song Is Better Than The Gimmick Mets Trumpets And He Hasn't Given Up A Hit Or Allowed A Run Since He Made The Change

Baseball is the most negative sport in the world. If you go 3 for 10 in any sport besides baseball, you may get cut. But in baseball you make the Hall of Fame. 

Craig Kimbrel was struggling as the closer for the Dodgers and they are the best team in baseball by far, so not a lot of people were talking about it. One day he just let his daughter pick his entrance song and it was "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen. I fucking love that song and when you think about it, "Let It Go" is such a good song to come out to because as a closer that is just what you have to do. Let it all go. Don't think about anything and close that shit out. I don't want Mets fans crying to me either being like "What you don't want fun in baseball?".

The trumpets were cool organically but now it is just a joke and blown way out of proportion. Meanwhile in LA, instead of jamming "Let It Go" down everyone's throats and getting Idina Menzel to come to Dodger Stadium for him to pitch, Kimbrel just went out and dominated. 

Now Edwin Diaz has the most pressure of all-time to close games in the playoffs because of those trumpets while Kimbrel gets to close out games for the best team in baseball and if the Yankees don't win the World Series, the Dodgers probably will. However back in Queens, Diaz will likely be blowing saves in horrible fashion which will lead to Mets fans hating him forever. That is just how it goes.