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Just Like Your Favorite Convenience Store, AJ Brown Is Always Open

This is a huge year coming up for Jalen Hurts. Pretty much a make or break year for him as a starter in the NFL. Fortunately the Philadelphia Eagles are doing for him what they never did for Carson, and surrounding him with a bunch of weapons to work with. Whether that's bringing in his old college teammate in Trey Sermon, or his longtime friend AJ Brown, the Eagles seem pretty committed to giving Jalen Hurts every opportunity to prove himself as the franchise quarterback. 

But having a guy who is legitimately always open? That feels like a cheat code to me. Even 

"Even when I'm covered I'm open". Seems to check out. 

I'm still not sure if the NFL is going to look into this or not. Again, it just seems like it shouldn't be legal for a guy to ALWAYS be open. Maybe the majority of the time, sure. But always? At some point you have to question the fairness of that. But in the meantime, I'm certainly looking forward to the Eagles running the "fuck it, just throw the ball to AJ" play all season long. It'll be right up there with the Philly Special as one of my favorite plays in football history.