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Breaking Down The Chargers 2022 Schedule Including Their Easy 2 Wins Vs The Raiders

Katelyn Mulcahy. Getty Images.

*Note: I obv can't predict injuries on either side so this is just assuming most starters stay healthy.

WEEK 1 - vs Raiders @ SoFi (1-0)

The only thing about this game that gives me pause is the fact that J.C. Jackson won't be there to cover Davante Adams. However, I am confident about every other aspect of this one. The Raider's OL is cheeks, especially on the right side. I have no idea how they are going to deal with Mack + Bosa + SJD on every snap. On defense, they obviously have their own solid duo in Crosby and Jones, but their dumpy secondary is going to get roasted alive by the offense that racked up 60 points and 820 yards on them in 2 games last year.

WEEK 2 - vs Chief @ Arrowhead (1-1)

I think the Chargers, like last year, will split with the Chiefs and their win will come at home. I also expect Kelce will tear up our defense just like he always does. 295 yards against the Chargers last year which is a fact that makes me sick. There will be a lot of scoring both ways but I think the Chiefs take this one . 

WEEK 3 - vs Jaguars @ SoFi (2-1)

There is no doubt that the Jags are improved. Are they improved enough to stand up to this revamped defense and one of the best offenses in football? Absolutely not. Their offensive line, which was one of the worst in football last year, didn't get any better which means the new Chargers D-line will crush them. 

WEEK 4 - vs Texans @ NRG (3-1)

As disgusting as this is to say, this is a revenge game. The Texans got one of their FOUR wins off the back of the chargers embarrassingly bad run defense. I can't recall the exact number, but Rex Burkhead had something like 500 rushing yards. I think Davis Mills is better than we think, but the Chargers will take this one. The run D is way improved and the texans defense isn't any better. 

WEEK 5 - vs. Browns @ FirstEnergy (3-2)

This is absolutely a game the Chargers would lose. Brissett is solid and, if the browns are smart, they will just run the ball down the chargers throat like last year. Their defense is stellar as well and those two factors combined with home field advantage wins it for them. I will note that you shouldn't expect this game to be as high scoring as their matchup last year. 

WEEK 6 - vs Broncos @ SoFi (4-2)

I think the Broncos are very hard to predict this year. Wilson is a very good QB, Javonte is already one of the better dual-use backs in the league and Gordon is a great complimentary back. A lot will depend on how Jerry Jeudy improves because he is their only bona fide threat. KJ Hamler might be a beast but we just don't know. On the other side, though, their defense is ROCK solid and they only got better with the addition of Randy Gregory. I think that, like with the chiefs, they split this year. I'll give the friendly split to home field. 

WEEK 7 - vs Seahawks @ SoFi (5-2)

Seahawks are gonna be trash this year thanks to their QB situation. Unless a miracle happens, I don't see how they stand up to the chargers. 


WEEK 9 - vs Falcons @ Mercedes-Benz (6-2)

I think the Falcons will surprise people this year. However their defense is still not great and their offensive line is real bad. Barring some severe injury problems for the chargers, this should be an easy win. 

WEEK 10 - vs 49ers @ Levi's (6-3)

One of the best defenses in football, a solid O-line and a phenomenal dual-use WR in Deebo. The big question is QB. Is Lance that dude? He went 2-3 last year, losing against some good teams in Arizona, Seattle and Green Bay. I think this one will depend a lot on how they run the offense in the matchup. If they let Lance use his mobility, the Chargers will be fucked. If he plays as mostly a pocket guy, the Chargers have a better chance. For now, I'll count it as an L 

WEEK 11 - vs Chiefs at SoFi (7-3)

Like I said before, I think it will be a split with the Chargers taking the game in SoFi. 

WEEK 12 - vs Cardinals @ State Farm (8-3)

The Cardinal's offensive line is old as hell and their defense lost a major player in Chandler Jones. However, that wierdo Kyler is still a very good QB and he has a slightly better WR room than their start of last year with the additions of Ertz mid-season and Brown in the off-season. Hopkins' PED suspension will also be over by this point so they will be fully loaded. I think the difference will come down to the Chargers pass rush. 

WEEK 13 - vs Raiders @ Allegiant (9-3)

Like I said before, the Raiders don't have it. Their secondary will get roasted and they will need to score their way out of a loss. 


WEEK 14 - vs Dolphins @ SoFi (10-3)

The Dolphins made some big improvements and have given Tua all he should need to succeed on the offensive end. He now has one of the best LT's in football and one of the best receivers. Can Tua prove he was worth drafting over Herbert? Probably not. BUT, I could for sure seeing this being one of those dumb games that the Chargers play themselves out of. 

WEEK 15 - vs Titans @ SoFi (10-4)

Besides our sweet boy Taylor Lewan, their offensive line is not strong. In fact, it ranks in the bottom 5 in PFF. Their defense also just lost their best pass rusher and their WR1 is Robert woods. Here is the counterpoint: Derrick Henry. A healthy Henry will be destructive and there is also the possibility Willis could be starting by this point. Like i mentioned before, the Chargers suck vs mobile QBs and Willis racked up 1822 rushing yards his last 2 years of college. The threat of him + Henry could be very hard to deal with. 

WEEK 16 - vs Colts @ Lucas Oil (10-5)

This team has 3 elite offensive lineman, a better QB, the 1A or 1B RB in football. They have a very solid defensive core across different levels. But there is just a feeling I can't shake about this team. I just think they will underperform! Regardless, I can't discredit the stats vs my own gut. If Matt Ryan can perform up to his 2020 level, their team will be more than set. 

Week 17 - vs Rams @ SoFi (11-5)

The champs have some question marks that start with LT. However, the chargers will be staring down the barrel of one of the best defenses in the NFL that only got better in the offseason by adding Bobby Wagner. In addition, Stafford has no signs of regression and he has a new weapon to go alongside the best WR in football with Allen Robinson II. As long as the chargers are healthy, though, I think this will be a dogfight. Staley is obviously very familiar with this team and I think he can, to a degree, gameplan well for them. This might be a stretch, but I'm taking the Bolts. 

WEEK 18 0 vs Broncos @ Mile High  

Like I said before, I think they split with the broncos win coming at Mile High.