Luka Doncic Just Dropped The Most Points Scored In A EuroBasket Game In 65 years

Marvin Ibo Guengoer - GES Sportfoto. Getty Images.

Well, it would appear that Luka Magic is alive and well over at EuroBasket. Jesus Christ are we sure this man is even human? I'm only half joking here. Giannis had the most points we've ever seen in a EuroBasket game in over 20 years with his 41 the other day with Dirk owning the previous high of 43. Now another Mav has passed the legend by with Luka's 47 which included some absolutely ridiculous buckets that pretty much break your brain.

Especially this shot

What the hell man. This is how you know some dudes are just different. Anyone else attempts a shot like this, on the run over two defenders, and from that distance, it almost will always end in disaster. It becomes a highlight for all the wrong reasons. For Luka? It's just another day at the office. He does stuff like this on the regular and each and every time I can't help but be impressed. You would think we'd all be used to this shit by now, but there's just something about Luka Magic that does it for me.

That prayer sort of reminded me of this Luka game winner against the Grizzlies in 2021

in a sense that your brain can't really comprehend how he made it. It's not your classic Luka stepback three game winner which we've seen a few times. Luka somehow has the ability to make these type of prayer shots look routine. Things normal humans should not be able to do on a basketball court. It's almost like he's been blessed by the Basketball Gods or something which sounds stupid but at the same time how else do you explain it? Sure he puts in work and develops his craft, but sometimes you just have to throw up your hands and accept that certain guys are just chosen and Luka is most definitely chosen.

What's crazy is he was JUST asked who would score the most points in a EuroBasket game and Luka went with Giannis for obvious reasons. 

For him to immediately go out and do it himself is pretty badass.

There's a reason he's the odds on favorite to win the MVP this year. It's not only because of his talent level, but also how that roster is constructed. After losing Jalen Brunson, the Mavs didn't really bring in any sort of additional ball handlers. It would not shock me at all if we see Luka not only once again have the highest usage in the NBA (led the league last 2 years) but also his career which would be nuts considering he had a 37.4% USG% last season. Now that he appears to be in better shape entering the season and already looks like he's in midseason form during EuroBasket where he's averaging a cool 21.5/7.8/7.3 on 50% shooting, something tells me we're about to get a MONSTER Luka 2022-23 season.