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The NFL Season Kicks Off Tomorrow, So Here Is A Reminder That This Is The Greatest Play In NFL History

Tom Olmscheid. Shutterstock Images.

The NFL season kicks off tomorrow with the Bills at the Rams. The Bills feature a mobile Quarterback with a huge arm and a talented Wide Receiver who used to play in Minnesota. Stefon Diggs has had some incredible plays, including the Minneapolis Miracle.


But that wasn't the best play in NFL history. It wasn't even the best play in Vikings history. And I saw that with the caveat of taking out the stakes. Obviously the Keenum to Diggs play advanced the team a round in the playoffs so that would take precedent. But if you removed the stakes, what would be the greatest play in NFL history? Here's my choice:

Sound off in the comments on what your favorite play in NFL history is. I really can't wait for the season to start!