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A Fisherman's Boat Sank So He Was Forced To Spend ELEVEN Days At Sea In A Freezer Before He Was Saved...And Was Then Promptly Arrested

CNN- A Brazilian man reportedly survived 11 days in the Atlantic Ocean last month, taking refuge inside a freezer after his boat sank, according to CNN affiliate Record TV. The man, Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues, is a fisherman. During a fishing trip in early August that was supposed to last three days, cracks in his boat started filling with water, sinking the vessel off the coast of northern Brazil. He was able to jump inside the floating cooler to stay alive, and a group of fishermen found him 11 days later off the coast of Suriname.

A question we all hope we never have to ponder. How long could you survive at sea? This Romualdo Macedo Rodriges guy survived ELEVEN DAYS. In a freezer no less! Oh yeah and did I mention he can't swim and his freezer was floating in shark-infested waters?

The fisherman says he doesn’t know how to swim. “Sharks were surrounding the freezer, but they went away. I thought (I would be attacked). I stayed on the top (of the freezer), I didn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep. I saw the dawn, the dusk, asking God to send someone to rescue me.” Eventually water started to creep inside the freezer, and he says he used his hand to scoop it out. He didn’t have food or water.

I cannot fathom lasting that long on a boat let alone in a freezer with no food or drink? The hunger, the thirst, the sleepless nights. A complete nightmare, even though let's be honest, there is no true way of knowing that he had no food or water or that the sharks were circling his boat. It makes for a hell of a story though.

What makes it even more wild was that upon being rescued, he was sent to prison for 16 days  for being undocumented in Suriname. One jail to another after being lost at sea is RUTHLESS. I mean give the guy a break or a fresh set of papers after all that. 

I guess all's well that ends well and this guy is apparently back in Brazil with his family. I don't even know him but I'm sure he will be back fishing within the week because fishermen are just built different.

This is one of the many reasons I would never go that far at sea. I like to fish and enjoy the ocean. But I ain't going out in the water to the point I can no longer see land. Call me a pussy all you want. But I feel like I see a story like this every couple months. There's one thing I don't want to ever fuck with and that's the ocean. I'll keep my ass on shore.