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The Buffalo Bills Have Been Given The Kiss Of Death After Everyone On NFL Gameday Picked Them To Win The Super Bowl

Live look at the Bills Super Bowl futures after seeing this:

What the fuck, man? Haven't Bills fans suffered enough? Forget the four Super Bowl losses in a row, those 13 seconds of hell against the Chiefs in the playoffs, or that Brian Daboll is now working his magic in East Rutherford with the Giants by turning Daniel Jones into Josh Allen 2.0 (hey a guy can dream, can't he?).

No fanbase wants to see their team do a clean sweep of "experts" picks in a regular season game let alone a clean sweep as THE pick to win the goddamn SUPER BOWL where roughly a bazillion things have to go right for any franchise, let alone one that has commercials like this made due to their history of misery.

I don't even blame the anchors on NFL Gameday since the Bills are the magical combination of traditional lovable loser underdog that has blossomed into the championship favorite, which means everyone is going to want to ride that bandwagon all the way to Glendale. But at least a good dude like Rich Eisen could've seen where this was headed and just chosen the Bucs to trip up the Bills so we didn't get the dreaded clean sweep before Week 1 even kicks off.

All that being said, I was shocked if not outright perplexed that the Rams are 2.5 point underdogs at home on the Barstool Sportsbook after winning the aforementioned Super Bowl last season.

However then I remembered that I and million of other people are suckers, so I am blindly picking the Bills -2.5 even though I am going against every instinct in my body since a talented home dog kicking off the season feels like a layup to at least cover the points. Damn it feels good to do mental gymnastics in order to figure out which NFL team I am going to bet again. 

Less than 36 hours until kickoff…