"Tom Brady Is My Bitch" - Brandon Graham Signs Eagles Merchandise Like A God Forsaken Savage

Aggressive. Also, he's...not wrong. Evidence: 

I can already hear born and bred Patriot diehards like Old Balls Thorton and Kayce Smith chiming in with "6 Rings! Are you guys still having fun with a different coach just 3 years after winning a title!?!?!? Tom Brady kisses his sons on the lips to properly medicate their pores, read a medical journal one time!" And that's fine. But you know what else is OK? Brandon Graham autographing official Eagles merchandise with the likes of: 

"Tom Brady Is My Bitch"

"Fuck Tom Brady"

"Fuck The Patriots" 

Either you'd love it if he was on your team doing the same exact thing or you're lying. All on one helmet, too??? Damn straight. Good for BG. Tbh, if I had a memorable lifetime moment like Brandon Graham did in the Super Bowl, I'd think about it all the time and watch it on repeat everyday, too. So would you. 

Suck it, Earl Thomas. Long Live BG. Fly, dammit. Fly. 

PS - The return of football also means the return of the Philly sports/life podcast "First Time, Long Time". Live now talking to the people. Come through, we'll hang up and listen.