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Find A More Powerful Bat Flip Into Orbit Than Jean Segura's Launch After His FU Walkoff...Single

That was no bat flip. That was a Cape Canaveral worthy BLAST OFF into outer space. Not to mention it was a bang/bang play at the plate with Bryce barely beating the throw. In the past I would say if you win with anything less than a dinger just act like you've been there before...but fuck it. Jean Segura was pissed they intentionally walked JT to get to him and Mean Jean made them suffer. Plus the Phillies were coming into the game had lost 3 straight and 6 of 7. The fire was needed and good on Jean for providing the blowtorch.

Also, shout out to the Colorado Rockies for being down to the Brewers 6-1 heading into the bottom of the 8th and then finding a way to do this: 

The Phillies are just fine right now snuggled into that 2nd Wildcard spot tied with the Padres while 3 games up on the Brewers. Wouldn't hate them dropping down to the 3rd spot and thus facing the Cardinals in the 1st round instead of the Braves or Mets, but to each their own. Still a long September to go and can't take anything for granted. But good for the Mets on locking up the NL East in May. Very impressive stuff.