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Raiders German Fullback Thought Every US College Would Be Like Blue Mountain State, Calls Himself The Thad Castle Of The Team

I know Pats fans and some SEC fans will know Jakob Johnson. But for those who don't, meet a fullback for the Raiders who hails from Germany. He went to Tennessee, made a name with the Pats but that's not the important part. The important part is some Blue Mountain State and Thad Castle talk. 

I don't care if I'm a 35-year old father of 2. If Blue Mountain State is on, I'm watching it. It's perfect mindless television. It can make me chuckle, I don't have to think too much and can just check out. It's why that's the sort of TV I watch the most. It's not winning awards, but it's going to rack up screen time at the Reags Residence. 

So that in mind, it seems fitting that Johnson is the Thad Castle of the Raiders. A fullback checks out. Derek Carr sure as shit can't say it. None of the receivers or anyone like that. It's either a linebacker or fullback, because, reminder, this is Thad Castle: 

Johnson also went to Tennessee. I hate that fucking school. I can't stand those people. But it's still SEC. They still know how to party. They still know how to have a good time. So at least it's somewhat close to Blue Mountain State - including all the issues with the team. Imagine if he went to Vanderbilt or Wake Forest or Boston College or something like that. Man would have been confused as hell. 

I hope Jakob Johnson watched the same college movies/shows I did. He came over to America expecting Van Wilder, Animal House, Blue Mountain State and Old School. 

Sidenote: the Raiders kind of check out as Blue Mountain State

Derek Carr - late season Alex Moran

Josh McDaniels - visor Coach Marty Daniels

Josh Jacobs - Craig Shilo

The Black Hole - Sammy 

Daniel Carlson - Harmon 

PS: Sup Mary Jo? 


And sup to Denise Richards

A+ theme song too: