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Brazilian Soccer Team Scores Hilariously Obvious Own Goal, Shockingly Gets Immediately Investigated For Match Fixing

[Source] - AT least two players have been sacked by a Brazilian football club following a bizarre own goal one minute before full-time.

Midfielder Julio Campos appeared to deliberately fire the ball into his own net after a back pass from a teammate - and goalie Luis Antonio made zero effort to stop it.

Campos’ club announced afterwards those involved had been fired and said regional prosecutors had been asked to launch an investigation into alleged match-fixing.

Although it did not name who had been sacked.

The own goal alone didn’t impact on who won the match but Sunday’s defeat did put Atletico Amazonense out of the race for promotion to the state top-tier league.

Was that wrong? Are we sure that was him attempting to score on his own team? I mean most soccer players tend to fire a ball directly at their own net. Nothing to see here. Just classic second tier Brazilian soccer that leads to corruption and sabotage. You got to hide it at least a little bit. I say it all the time whenever there's a match-fixing blog. Don't lose 95-1. Don't lose 22-0. Keep it simple. A nice little 6-0 loss. That's fine. That's not abnormal. People have bad matches, but you surely can't give up 95 goals. You can't just boot a ball into the back of the net in the final minute like this.

I do think my favorite part of the video is how he doesn't even react. Show some emotion! Pretend like you made a mistake. I'm sure you were dealing with some *ahem* not nice people. At least pretend like you cared though while you're cheering inside. Dude just walks to his spot like nothing happened. 

The goalie is pretty good too. Just standing there watching it happen. Didn't even attempt to put his arms up. Again, this is all JV level stuff here people. Learn how to act. Learn how to put on a show. 

Like this: 

[Translate] - Since the president of Atlético Amazonense said it was an isolated case, let's remember the 4th round of Amazonense. Game between AA x Librade. Draw your own conclusions (detail the same player #8 and for the goalkeeper's exit.

I love that someone went and watched all these videos.