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Justice For Pulisic, Another Win For Conte - Chelsea Officially Fires Thomas Tuchel

Honestly, I'm a little upset this happened. I don't want Chelsea to make a smart move. They keep making dumb moves. Whether it's missing in the transfer window, upsetting their No. 1 goalie by offering him a salary less than Kepa, dropping points, losing in embarrassing fashion and overall just being shit. It's what Chelsea has become this season. Now after losing in the opening night of Champions League, Tommy is gone. 

This is clearly a win for Antonio Conte: 

Listen, I care about Christian Pulisic because I care about the USA. Sorry if you don't. You're basically Tommy in this situation. We need Pulisic to be in shape for the World Cup. We need him getting reps. Instead Chelsea and Tommy has been holding him hostage and having him play like 15 minutes a match. Get those scrubs out there and let Pulisic cook.

As for replacements, there's already a list and a front runner: 

And if that's not enough, there might not be a ton of people on the bench this weekend

Have fun with that Boehly! This is what you deserve for not letting Pulisic leave.