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I Got Roasted by Dave Portnoy for Tweeting "No Sugar" with a Platter of Blue Oak BBQ in NOLA

Awareness has never been my strong suit. And never has that been more on display than on Labor Day when I tweeted this picture out of me at Blue Oak BBQ in New Orleans.

For context, this platter was for four people. When I said "no sugar", I meant I just ate brisket, slaw, sausage and some wings/ribs (which do have some sugar actually). But that is all excuses. I walked right into this one and I more than heard about it.

I am at a point where I feel like I catch some crap from Dave Portnoy on every day that ends in Y. It has been an onslaught lately!

I keep reminding myself of the motto "Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously But Take What You Do Seriously". 

As I said on this week's Cracking Aces podcast, I honestly do not give a damn that I got ripped on the internet for this picture.  



I weighed in at 256.2 on Monday morning and am now down 25 pounds in 35 days since Stu Feiner gave me the riot act.  I don't drink alcohol, have been watching sugar close and running/working out a lot. All the haters calling me fat and lazy can kiss my slimming behind. I cannot wait to rock XL shirts sooner than later.