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Man Arrested After He Threatened To Kill a 7-11 Employee After The Employee Told Him He Was Taking Too Much Nacho Cheese

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Source – After being directed to not use so much nacho cheese, a man allegedly went into a tirade Sunday night and told a 7-Eleven clerk that he “eats people” and is “the biggest killer in Martinsburg” in an altercation that led to his arrest. Harry Grant McDonald, 56, of no fixed address was charged with two counts of obstructing an officer and single counts of disturbance of religious worship and assault, according to Berkeley County Magistrate Court records. Police went to investigate the reported disturbance on Sunday at about 7 p.m., court records said. After making the declarations at the convenience store at 201 Winchester Ave., McDonald went outside and declared he was going to kill the employee who confronted him about dispensing the cheese into a food container, court records said. “He then stared at the employee and raised a closed fist to him, followed by a series of martial-arts style punches in the employee’s direction,” Martinsburg Police Department Patrol Officer Samuel McGovern said in a complaint filed against McDonald. A review of the business’ surveillance footage validated the account that police obtained, court records said. McDonald, who allegedly gave police a false name, was found at the Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission, where he was arrested during a church service, records said. McGovern said in his complaint that McDonald was shouting and trying to free himself from an officer’s grip while being detained and disrupted the church service, records said.


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Oh I’m sorry, I took too much free cheese?


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Is that what they expected him to say? Because I wouldn’t expect an apology any time soon. What is 7-11 bro’s deal? Stop cramping everyone’s style for a minute and get back behind the counter. Don’t 7-11 employees have enough to worry about as it is, you know, like being robbed every other day, or the smell of those hot dogs rolling around all day giving them lung cancer? Plus, you work at 7-11 bro. You don’t need to save the cheese. If you really cared about anything in life, you wouldn’t be working at 7-11 (though at the same time, I do admire him taking his 7-11 job seriously).

And I would be remiss if I didn’t applaud the guy for getting big in the 7-11 clerk’s face. Screaming “I eat people” and doing karate right in his eyeballs is a move that puts anyone in their place. Because you kind of have to believe anyone who would yell that. That’s when 7-11 guy just backs down and lets the guy eat more cheese.

PS: Savage move by the cops to arrest the guy in a church then charge him with “disturbance of religious worship”. The guy is just tryna eat cheese and get his pray on, might as well rip up the constitution if both of those are crimes now.