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Making A Hero Call With TEN HIGH With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars On The Line Is So Cool



On this week's episode of Cracking Aces we were joined by the king himself, Jeff Platt. You might remember Jeff from the WSOP this summer, as the man who interviewed all the fellas during the Main Event.



Well, Mr. Jeff is also a bit of a poker player too, as this week he took down the MSPT $1100 Main Event for a cool $100,804!



This is Jeff's second 6-figure score in the last 12 months, as he had a $160,000 bink last October. 

We had Jeff on the podcast right after his win to talk about it, as well as his evolution as a poker player, and how he handled the swings of the tournament, which I think was very insightful.




We had a nice discussion about how people who get low on chips are so focused on trying to double up they throw out all fundamentals. Jeff was short stacked for most of the tournament…and then won. Poker is sick like that. You get down to 12bbs and feel helpless, and then you get a double, win the next pot, and in 3 minutes you've gone from 12bbs and a dream to 31bbs and feeling in control of the table.

As always, it was a delight to catch up with Jeff. When you root for "one of the good guys", Platt is at the top of the list. Just a cool $100k in his pocket for a few days of work, not too shabby!

Make sure to check out our full convo with him right here.


And now to the title of the blog, the ol' Ten High call with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line:



Bro these people are so good. Triton high rollers always have the best clips. Calling Fedor with T high in a $30k buy-in, insane. 

And what's nuts is this is on the heels of this hero call from Patrik yesterday:



This game is so hard. 

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