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Kody Clemens, Roger's Son, Struck Out Shohei Ohtani So Naturally He Got Ohtani To Sign The Ball For Him

How great is this scene? You're the son of a MLB legend, you're a position player pitching in mop up duty because you're getting whooped by the Angels, and you get to face Shohei Ohtani, the most talented baseball player ever. So what happens? You simply strike him out looking. That's what Kody Clemens did on Monday, struck out Ohtani with a 68 MPH...eepuhs? I think? Whatever it was, Shohei wasn't looking for it and got the strikeout looking. Clemens was jumping for joy on the mound, a pretty funny move while down 9-0, but I loved it. He makes sure that the ball is coming home with him too, throws it into the dugout to get authenticated and everything. But then yesterday we saw what actually happened to the ball.

Clemens got Ohtani to sign the baseball and Shohei even wrote a little note on it for him. How great is that. Like the broadcasters said, you gotta find something to smile about down 9-0. Not bad for your first career K, could go down as his only career K too. Plus if Shohei says it's a nasty pitch than you know you've got filth. If I'm Clemens I never pitch again, I want this to be my only K.